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  • Precision component manufacturing
  • Vacuum cavity manufacturing
  • Vacuum component manufacturing
  • Modular assembly
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About us

Customer services:Precision parts manufacture,vacuum chamber manufacture,vacuum parts manufacture,Modular assembly.

Our Strengths

  • Specializes in vacuum / optical / semiconductor equipment components       manufacturing industry.
  • Continuously upgrade parts processing technology , and continue to introduce the most advanced CNC machining equipment and testing equipment.
  • Through cooperation with Japanese companies , with a complete quality management , delivery management, logistics management systems. We make the end product for the Japanese manufacturer.
  • Small amount/more variety to the mass production of precision         machining,extending to the module group legislature to OEM manufacture,are based on high-quality products,reasonable prices,timely delivery,to complete the customer’s needs.
  • Internal company use ERP systems to improve and control the accuracy of      the delivery date.
  • Manpower Cultivation Plan.The professional engineers are training by our      company.Employees have high loyalty and low labor turnover rate.

"Service, innovation, speed, integrity" Our Strengths

  • Service — Serve customers, take customers first.
  • Innovation — innovation management, excellence.
  • Speed — Quickly respond to customer requirements, allowing customers to grasp the product process at any time.
  • Integrity—Accurately complete the commissioning task, so that customers can get the products they need on time.


Embedded Pressure Pump
vacuum chamber manufacture
vacuum parts manufacture

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