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Who we are

Our main business is the manufacturing of precision equipment parts, vacuum chambers, fixtures, and assembly of equipment modular, etc.

Initially, we provided the services of machining of parts for traditional industries. We have sharpened our solid technical foundation, accumulating more than a decade of experience to establish precision mold design and manufacturing process development. We have a precision manufacturing capability of 0.015 mm accuracy.


Following the transformation of market trends:

At present, we are actively cooperating with international optoelectronic equipment manufacturers (ULVAC and MIC) and various international as well asJapanese suppliers to carry out a strategic partnership so as to provide optoelectronic equipment mechanical parts.

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※Through the integration of professional and technical, achieve high dominance prodn equipment components.

  1. Creative thought, Endeavour in unity,Honest and trustworthy business team.
  2. System software control Production process technology consistent.
  3. Over 10 years of processing experience.Has strong technical foundation and processing capacity.
  4. Professional Vacuum welding technology capacity.


※Processing equipment

We have 10 sets High-Speed CNC machines,a Horizontal Milling maching, a Five-Face machining equipment. There are 7 sets traditional milling machine,a raditional lathe,and another three surface grinder and other mechanical equipment. Also have 7 sets Argon Welding Machine and a CO2 welding Machine and   other welding equipment. 

About 1

Our Quality Policy

  • Service — Customer-oriented.
  • Innovation — Innovate management and strive to be perfect.
  • Speedy — Respond swiftly customer requirement immediately, customer can follow up the Business philosophy process of produce any time.
  • Integrity — Delivery on time.

Quality inspection equipment / packaging equipment

QC 4

▲ Vacuum packaging machine

QC 3

▲ Ultrasonic cleaning machines

QC 2


  • Calibration instruments are established for management inventory and regularly maintained. Calibration or verification is performed within a specified period or before use.
  • All QC inspectors are qualified for instrument calibration.
  • All measuring tools are well maintained and regularly checked, and the calibration and verification records of all measuring tools are maintained for future reference.

Factory processing equipment

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