Welding Manufacture


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Welding Manufacture

Vacuum cavity welding processing and Manufacture, iron welding processing and Manufacture, stainless steel welding processing and Manufacture, vacuum pipe welding processing and Manufacture, component related welding processing and Manufacture, aluminum alloy welding processing and Manufacture


   Record the necessary welding parameter conditions for each welding method according to WPS/PQR, confirm the parameters according to PQR, and welding audit by professional AWS inspectors, and perform the qualification examination of each welder’s technician, and implement the WPS system of the whole factory


Argon welding machine 200A F20P HERO*1 set

Aluminum welding machine/DIGIPULS420A-digital attached machine DVDP500*1 set

Argon welding machine Germany EWMTetrix230*1 set

Special aluminum welding machine (12SAF imported from France)*1 set

OTC argon welding machine AVP500A host*1 set

AC white flow argon welding machine frequency conversion AC and DC argon welding machine 500A P OCT*1 set

Argon welding machine inverter AC/DC 300TWX1 NA*1 set

Argon welding machine 500WP NA*1 set

HELIT710 MANUAL argon welding machine leak detector*1 set

Leak Detector for Argon Welder*1 set

Water measuring instrument*1 set

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