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  • Precision parts manufacture
  • vacuum chamber manufacture
  • vacuum parts manufacture
  • Modular assembly

Customer services:Precision parts manufacture,vacuum chamber manufacture,vacuum parts manufacture,Modular assembly.

Manufacturing and processing in various industries including traditional industry, optoelectronic industry, semiconductor industry, passive component industry, energy industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, and mold industry

Service — Customer-oriented.

  • Innovation — Innovate management and strive to be perfect.
  • Speedy — Respond swiftly customer requirement
    immediately, customer can follow up the
  • Business philosophy process of produce any time.
  • Integrity — Delivery on time.

At present, he actively cooperates with major international optoelectronic equipment manufacturers (Ubeck, Fanxuan) and international and Japanese manufacturers to provide strategic optoelectronic equipment mechanical components.


Precision Parts Manufacture

Acted for the original Japanese company Technomate Co., Ltd high pressure pump Medical machinery, semiconductor, automated production machinery, crystal, wafer cleaning machinery can be used. The computer screen and mobile phone screen can be installed and used when spraying liquid. Applicable industries: semiconductor wet process, medical equipment, automation industry, panel industry.

Vacuum Chamber Manufacture

Parts material requirements:
The materials commonly used in vacuum chambers and components are stainless steel (SUS304 / SUS316), aluminum alloy (A5052 / A5083), steel and other metals, as well as various socket weld flange flange piping and customized waterway bends (stainless steel sus, Copper Copper).

Vacuum Parts Manufacture

Custom aluminum cavity processing

Production line processes

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  • Customer Orders→Production
  • (Outsource processing、in-plant
    rocessing)→Finishing treatment→Quality control hecks→Wash→Packaging and Shipment‧

On September,2011 has completed ISO9001:2008 Quality management system certification‧

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